let's get to know each other

about sarah & ben photography

meet sarah


Hello lovely, I’m Sarah! I’m so glad you’re here and can’t wait for us to get to know each other a bit better! I love solving puzzles, watching random documentaries, and snuggling up with a good book. And  while I've spent over a decade documenting wedding days with Ben I still get butterflies during every first look.

Our little guy Oliver is my favorite, red velvet cupcakes are my weakness, and I get far too much joy out of creating a good to-do list.  

I truly love our job because I’m a hopeless romantic at heart.

Knowing that I get to preserve love stories for a living is the most humbling privilege, which may be why I burst into happy tears at the site of grandparents holding hands. (Honestly though, what is cuter?!)

The Notebook is a staple when I’m feeling sappy and I truly believe that love is all you need. 

Well that, and maybe a little bit of Starbucks ;)

what sarah loves about ben:

the way he reads to me before bed

His ability to make me really, truly laugh

That he never says no to Chick-Fil-A

He’s the best chauffeur and navigator

That he’s always coming up with new ways to surprise me

How excited he gets about classic movies

His confidence every time we explore a new place

He doesn’t mind my plethora of bad jokes

How sweetly he dotes on our son

meet ben

believes that life is just plain better when you love the one you're with

Hey there, I’m Ben! Most don’t know this, but I was born in New Zealand and raised in Scotland, and even though I don’t own a kilt I can still do a mean Sean Connery impression when necessary. I love to travel, especially with Sarah and Ollie by my side, and a world cruise is on my bucket list.

My love of photography began with an obsession with classic film, and I love capturing real life moments that look like they could be straight out of a movie.

I'd wear a 3 piece suit like Don Draper every day if dry cleaning wasn't so expensive.

When it comes to my favorites, I think Paris is the greatest city in the world and my best steps are taken in Cole Haans.

I choose Apple over PC, Coke over Pepsi, and will never say no to chicken and waffles or cheesecake. And if you have both? Then we’re obviously meant to be friends. 

what ben loves about sarah:

her infectious energy

the sound of her genuine laugh

Her sporadic moments of randomness

She is the queen of TripAdvisor

Her adventurous side

How she’s never afraid to tell the truth

She’s still the girl I fell in love with over a decade ago

how she makes our son laugh

Her unfailing love of love